Supplying Standard &
Custom Avionic Enclosures Since 1948

Starting as Churchill Lighting Corporation, Churchill changed its business radically in the early 1950’s and focused on manufacturing high tolerance, high quality products in the growing aviation electronics field (avionics). View vintage documents and photos from the vault. Churchill Corporation worked closely in the development of ARINC 404 and ARINC 600 and continues to play a key role in the promotion of standard avionics enclosures.

Today, as a family-owned business located near Boston, Churchill maintains this focus by supplying affordable avionics enclosures and related components for avionics OEM’s, aircraft manufacturers and major aerospace companies worldwide.

Churchill enclosures

Custom Products

Our  library of Solid CAD models and an enormous selection of tooling allows us to create your perfect custom enclosure. Check out some custom products in our gallery.
Custom Avionic Enclosure


We have the ability to take your project from the initial design stage to a finished product without ever having to leave our modern facility.  Churchill is your turnkey vendor of choice.

CNC Machining