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Chassis / Dust Covers

General points of interest

  • Chassis and Dust Covers are fabricated out of lightweight 5052 H32 aluminum.
  • The units feature a unique “box within a box” design that provides easy access to installed equipment.
  • The Dust Cover includes top, side and rear cover with top/bottom ARINC-standard perforation pattern to accommodate convection or forced air cooling.
  • The units can be fabricated to accommodate either ARINC 404A (1/4 thru 1 ATR) or ARINC 600 (2 MCU thru 12 MCU) sizes/configurations.
  • The rear connector plate of the chassis mates with the dust cover with a 1/4 turn DZUS fastener for locking engagement.
  • The units include a variety of rear connector configurations per ARINC 404/600.


Make it yours

  • Churchill is often asked if standard enclosures can be modified to incorporate design changes made during preproduction… The answer is YES. Based on a library of 3-Solid CAD models and an enormous selection of tooling, we can make significant changes to the standard design.
  • Changes often include modifying the front panel; adding mounting holes and related hardware; silk-screening; card cages and card guides; bracketry and custom finishes.
  • Our philosophy has always been to manufacture standard and custom enclosures for demanding packaging applications, especially those that require tight tolerances and small quantities.
Chassis Dust Cover

Lightweight 5052 H32 Aluminum

Easy Access to Equipment

Fully Modifiable

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