CB Series


  • 1/4 thru 1 ATR (per ARINC 404A)
  • Lightweight aluminum construction (5052 H32)
  • Ventilated design for convection cooling
  • Removable top cover (Dzus fastner) for equipment mounting
  • Integrated front panel with fixed handles and mounting hooks
  • Suitable for airborne electronics, high tolerance product
  • Removable front and rear panels for easy access
  • Front “doghouse” for additional equipment mounting
  • Stock, stock-to-build availability

PDF CB Series 404A

Chassis Wrap.063″ Alum
Chassis Top.063″ Alum
Chassis Back.080″ Alum
Front Panel.125″ Alum
Chassis Sides.080″ Alum
Brackets.063″ Alum
CB-Series Dimensions

Dimensions / Form Factor

Size1/4 ATR3/8 ATR1/2 ATR3/4 ATR1 ATR

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Product Series
ARINC Form Factor
Rear Connector Type
Front Plate
Churchill P/N

Order Code

Order Info Series CB 404

Front Plate

Rear Connector Type

Rear Connector Types 404


0 = None
1 = Black Wrinkle
2 = Black Polane
3 = Orange (Per MIL-STD 595)
00000 = Per MIL-STD 595